Chocolate is made from tropical Theobroma cacao tree seeds. Its earliest use dates back to the Olmec civilization in Mesoamerica. After the European discovery of the Americas, chocolate became very popular in the wider world, and its demand exploded.Chocolate has since become a popular food product that millions enjoy every day, thanks to its unique, rich, and sweet taste. 

Fast facts on Chocolate:

  • Chocolate consumption has long been associated with conditions such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, and hypertension.
  • Chocolate is believed to contain high levels of antioxidants.
  • Some studies have suggested chocolate could lower cholesterol levels and prevent memory decline.
  • Chocolate contains a large number of calories.
  • People who are seeking to lose or maintain weight should eat chocolate only in moderation.

Most chocolate falls into one of three categories: milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate. Chocolate’s darkness is determined by the proportion of cocoa solids made from cocoa beans, mixed with cocoa butter and sugar. So here we are providing you with the best ingredients at one place. With our special Chocolate Makers Bundle, you don’t have to buy the essential ingredients separately. Also this bundle will provide you with complete instructions to make the best chocolate you like.  These products are:

  • Cacao Powder: It is a very high-quality aromatic bean with the real charisma of chocolaty flavor with loads of nutrients for the wellbeing of humans. Cocoa beans are a treasure for good health.
  • Cacao Butter: Quick melting and great tasting, cacao butter is a must-have for bakers and kids. 
  • Coconut Palm Sugar: very aromatic and caramelized flavor natural sugar apart from white sugar, is very beneficial for all ages. It is also called brown sugar, easily added to baking goods, smoothies and teas.

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