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Keemun is a famous Chinese black tea.  It is a light tea with characteristic stone fruit and slightly smoky notes in the aroma and a gentle, malty, non-astringent taste reminiscent of unsweetened cocoa. Keemun is said to have floral aromas and wooden notes.

China Keemun contains a moderate amount of caffeine (about half that of a cup of coffee).

  • Tasting notes: This brisk tea is smoky and toasty, with notes of tobacco and a dry finish

  • Leaves: Dark brown tea leaves with gold tips

  • Liquor: Reddish amber


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Use 1 level teaspoon per 6 oz. water. Heat water to boiling. Steep for 2 – 4 minutes. For best taste, do not over steep. These leaves can also handle a second or even third infusion.

China Keemun contains a variety of beneficial properties, including boosting energy, potentially helping with digestion, and more. China Keemun has a moderate caffeine content, which is great for boosting your energy and helping you power through the day. China Keemun is high in antioxidants, which can help to reduce free radicals within the body. Black teas like China Keemun can help to keep you healthy. China Keemun can potentially help to aid digestion and soothe stomach upsets.


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