Dehua Kiln Greenish Blue Celadon Tea Set


This classic Japanese style tea set features a jade-like glazing, stainless steel handle, and a smooth rounded finish for a serene tactile experience with an old-world feel. The refined Dehua whitewares are representative of China whitewares. The ceramic body is thin and refined.The glaze is thin, especially between the belly and bottom. The teapot is like a sculpture and looks transparent under the sun or light.

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Dehua is one of the famous kilns in China. It began to burn celadon and whitewares from the Song Dynasty and the Yuan Dynasty and reached its peak in the Ming Dynasty. Dehua kiln is famous for its white porcelain whose ceramic body and glaze are perfectly combined. The glaze is white and green-tinted which looks like a typical glaze popular in the Ming Dynasty.

Since the Song and Yuan Dynasties, Dehua kiln began to export porcelain, spreading excellent ceramic culture all over the world. In the Yuan Dynasty, Italian traveler Marco Polo arrived in Quanzhou Port and mentioned in his travelogue “the city Diyun produces many beautiful bowls and porcelain”.  In Southeast Asia, the beautiful and practical Dehua porcelain has defined the local custom of “taking the leaf of the sunflower as the bowl, while drinking with hands.”

In Europe, Dehua porcelain triggered a revolution in the kitchen and caused a wave of imitated Dehua porcelain. In Africa, the Dehua wares were unearthed in the large mosque on the island of Kilwa, Sudan cemetery, and some wares were also decorated in the temple building or tomb column.

Teapot dimensions:5″across and 4 1/2″ tall without the lid
Teacup dimensions: 2 1/2″ across and 2 3/4″tall 


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