Summer is the season that is liked by most of us and some of us may hate it too. The endless blazing sun above our heads doesn’t look very charming. Extreme sweating caused by the heat makes our health deteriorate in a matter of days. So the question arises: how can we maintain our health on summer days? To lessen the effects of dehydration, people tend to drink more water and juices etc. But these things cant complete the loss of nutrients caused by all that sweating. 

For this, Surplus17 brings a vast range of Health products that can help in fighting against the heat of summer season. For example, one of our products Barley Grass Powder has all the essential nutrients you need this summer.  Barley Grass Powder is fully organic, non-GMO and vegan friendly. It is rich in amino acids, which are important building blocks for proteins in the body. Barley grass helps the body to repair musclesblood vessels, and even bone marrow. This grass is also a good source of: Vitamin C. Take barley grass daily with or between meals by adding it to shakes or smoothies and give your health a boost this summer!

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