Bilberry Fruit Powder

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Bilberry, a dark blue berry, grows on shrubs much like its relative, the blueberry. When picked fresh, it has a taste similar to blueberries, and is commonly used in jams and pies.

“Bilberry is claimed to have a positive impact on general wellbeing. Find out for yourself how it may impact your body!”

Common Names: bilberry fruit, huckleberry, whortleberry, hurtleberry

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Excerpts from Nutritional Herbology. This antioxidant-rich berry has historically been respected for its claimed positive impact on anti-aging properties

This is an important fruit to add to one’s daily diet. Blueberries and black currant fruit may also be as useful as bilberry but are not yet as popular for their medicinal properties.”

Accordingly, bilberries can be expected to offer around 85 calories, 15 grams of naturally-occurring sugar, and 4 grams of fiber per cup (148 grams). Similarly to blueberries, they likely contain around 85% water, as well as good amounts of manganese and vitamins C and K ( 4 )


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